fraud / Just be whoever the fuck you are, and some one will love you cause of it.

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luvergurls: jey! since you reblogging and liking all my photos, why dont you just follow me so i'll be on your dash!(; xoxo<333

haha i did! lol i forget you get notified for everyone i like. cause i like every single one.. haha



chelseasterling replied to your post: Real talk.

or maybe you should spend the night with your best friend in the whole wide world, so at midnight when she turns 18 she’ll be with her best friend in the whole wide world. i don’t really know you or anything but its just a suggestion..

Followers meet my BFF. Chelsea meet my followers. 

This is us

Clearly a common theme for us.

I now have plans for tonight. <3

did-not: I forget how good your blog is.

bahaha which one?

60 years

Christmas just isn’t the same here. My cousin of 26 killed him self on Halloween night. His father/ my uncle, turned 60 two days ago, and tonight on Christmas Eve I told him happy birthday, and he said to me, “There’s nothing happy about it when your grandfather, father, and son never got to see 60 but you did.”

My cousin should have been here tonight.

bUh ByE.

that really good feeling you get when you realize you dont need them and that your going to be just fine without them because you don’t need to waste your time on someone who wouldn’t waste theirs on you.